Once upon a time…

A pair of jeans called Olivia. Olivia felt bored and ordinary. They looked like all other jeans. They knew they were born to be different, to be special, to be unique, but they didn’t feel like it, they felt sad and dull.

Until one autumn night, while the rain was pouring out, Olivia met sweet Raquel, a girl with bright red hair and eyes the color of the sky. Raquel realized something was wrong with the jeans she’d been offered. They looked sad, did not shine or smile at her.

She decided to pick up her sewing machine and find a way to bring a smile to Olivia…

And that’s how they got a ruffle on their waistband. They looked in the mirror and felt unique, shining brighter than any other jeans. On that day, Olivia became the happiest and brightest jeans.

From that autumn night on, Olivia’s family grew and spread happiness on the houses that were to live. Built to stand out from the crowd, Olivia promises to be with you on all occasions and make you feel unique, as you deserve!

A little about us… 

Olivia Jeans is a portuguese and feminine brand that is dedicated mainly to the creation of trousers, especially jeans. All the pieces are marked with a ruffle, being it our brand image. Started on the waistband with the Carlota Jeans, but today is already in other places of the pieces!

Olivia are unique and one-of-a-kind pieces with lots of love, dedication and traditional techniques. All the details are thought and combined. We invest on the quality and the design not neglecting the comfort and usability.

Each Olivia is crafted to be special and perfect and to make anyone who uses them feel like it.

Made in Portugal with lots of love.

Olivia Jeans